Bob the Contractor

$ 49.99 


"Bob the Contractor"

Bob’s the name and working hard is his game. Building can be hard work, but he’s always up for an adventure roaming the town, visiting the sites, and taking friends along for the ride!

Join him as he strolls into an imaginary construction site with tractors and dump trucks. Watch him and your child get dirty in the sand and have fun.

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Stroller Costumes are designed to fit any stroller with a front tray or belly bar--from Graco to Britax to any other stroller line. Our Stroller Costumes can remain a permanent fixture on your love's wheels—even when you fold it up. Made to foster the important creative play, Stroller Costumes "Bob the Contractor" stroller cover is the ideal compliment to that dull and drab stroller costume that simply keeps up with the Jones.