Stroller Costumes is one size fits most. Your stroller will need to have three connecting points.

  • Tray table OR a belly bar in front
  • Two rear bars (chaise) in the back of most strollers in order to connect the costume cover to your stroller.

The patent pending folding clamp allows the costume cover to adjust to virtually any size of stroller that has the three connecting points, which are the majority of the strollers in the market today.


You will have it before everybody else and enjoy a Great discount!

We are working our little tails off to bring Stroller Costumes into you'r hands and on you'r Strollers by the end of August.

We will update thought the process.

Your Purchase is 100% Guaranteed!!!

You may cancel you'r order at any time and get a full refund on your purchase. But let's be honest you will miss out 


Does it fold with my stroller?

Today strollers fold in many ways.

They fold forward, backward, lift from the middle and even fold into backpack size.

Stroller Costumes was designed to fold with most strollers out there in the market. Yes, today there are strollers that look like space ships and fold into a launch boxes but you should be covered.

To fold your costumes all you need to do:

  • Lift the costumes from each side and secure the vejust. Remove the costume by unscrewing the clamps from each side and remove the costumes for folding and re-clamp for more fun in the stroller.



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