About Us

We feel imagination and creative play starts when kids are given the opportunity to use their imagination. That’s why we developed our stroller costumes. Designed to offer kids a literal “vehicle” to take their imagination on a “test drive,” our Stroller Costumes will outfit any brand of stroller with a tray table or belly bar.

Stroller Costumes are a universal fold-able costume for strollers. Transform your everyday stroller into a fire truck and watch your child glow excitement, or if your little love is a girl have her princess carriage stroller around every day for princess errands.

Our mission is to excite children with play and imagination all while looking good in the process. 

The Story of Stroller costumes

Moshe and Sabina are the parents of two active little kids, Jasmine and Noah, and two little doggies. Being an active family, going on long walks is a daily thing for them. Around the time Noah turned 2 he started to fuss and cry, not wanting to stay in the stroller. The daily family walks were pretty much over.

Frustrated, Moshe thought to himself how can he win back the family walks? Then it hit him! Every time they went to their local grocery store they always looked to get the special shopping cart in the shape of a truck or car because the kids loved to be inside. They were happy and entertained. A light bulb struck! Why not transform the stroller into a cool ride that the kids would want to be inside?

Naturally, they went to Google to find a product that would transform their stroller but to their surprise found nothing!  And thus, Stroller Costumes were born.


Meet the staff that made Stroller Costumes a reality.