Princess Carriage Stroller Costume

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 Increases Stroller Time

 Encourages Imagination

 Make It Fun


Transform yourself into a lady or gentleman in waiting as you wheel your little princess around town.  Stop for a spot of tea or simply join the other toddlers playing princess at the park.  Just make sure that your little princess shows up in style!  

About Stroller Costumes

Stroller Costumes Princess carriage stroller costume is certain to take playing dress up to the next level. That’s right, show your little lady that you are never too old to make believe. Designed to foster imagination and make believe, Stroller Costumes Princess carriage stroller costume will fit any stroller with a tray table or belly bar, and it will conveniently fold up so that that imagination rides never have to stop. From Graco to Britax and everything in between, a princess carriage stroller cover is sure to spin some excitement.

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