Halloween Parades and Charity Walks

Halloween Parades and Charity Walks

The ever-growing popularity of Halloween means that, just like Christmas, more and more events centered around the holiday are cropping up. Many of these occur before the 31st itself, and it isn't just observing trick or treating on the final Saturday of the month so that it doesn't fall on a school night. There are parades, and Halloween themed charity walks that go on every year. Most of these events are all ages events that tend to become mini fall festivals with traditional activities of the season like bobbing for apples and costume contests happening before and after the main event. It is a fun thing to do with young kids.

Getting your children ready for these activities depends on their age. Young children and toddlers running around in their fireman costumes or racecar driver costumes will be happy doing whatever activities that are scheduled before the parade or walk starts. Younger children (two and under) and infants would do best in a stroller since it will help keep them warm and out from underfoot. That doesn’t mean that they will miss out on the fun though. Since your daughter is already wearing a baby princess costume, shouldn’t her stroller match?

kids in costumes

Keeping a stroller handy is a good idea for toddlers already walking most of the time too. As much fun as your little one has running around in their policeman costume bouncing from place to place; you can be confident that they will eventually run out of energy. While a little impromptu cuddle time is enjoyable, carrying them from one end of Main Street to the other can be murder on the back and heavy on the arms. Even if the youngins don’t tire out, a stroller makes carrying around the diaper bag, bottled water, snacks, and candy easier.

Decorating your child’s stroller with a costume is as important as them wearing one, or yourself for that matter. The good news is that decorating doesn’t have to become a hot mess of drama and crafting nightmare to work. Sure, all these elaborate stroller getups seen on Pinterest and shared on Facebook look great, but it takes people who know what they are doing spending hours on end on something that they will only ever be used once. Plus, these crafted little stroller getups either tend to be heavy or fragile. Neither is what you want when wrangling a bunch of toddlers on a sugar high. The other benefit of a purchased stroller costume is the ease of use. Slip it on the stroller, and you are ready to go.

It’s easier than you might think to find a stroller costume that looks like a match for your child’s costume, such as a carriage for your little princess or as a racecar or firetruck for your little speedster or firefighter. Purchased stroller costumes are an economical alternative to going the DIY route both regarding time and money. Professionally made stroller costumes that you buy can also be used year round, and they can be passed along to friends and family who have their own little ones someday.

Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Trick or Treat Safety Tips

It is easy for the excitement of trick or treating to get the better of even us adults. We are having fun with our kids while vicariously reliving our childhood as they run from house to house getting more candy than we want them to have (which means we have to eat some of it while they are at school for their own good.) Enjoy the evening as much as you can, but don’t let safety fall by the wayside.


Check the Sex Offender Registry


This is the last thing a parent wants to think about, but it still needs to be done. Find out if any sex offenders live in the area you plan to trick or treat. Most states have laws that make it illegal for registered sex offenders to participate in Halloween activities, but that doesn’t mean the criminals will obey those laws. You will know what houses to avoid and can warn other parents who may not know. 


Take Pictures of Your Child


Most parents probably do this already because their kids look so cute in their princess or fireman costumes. There is another reason to do this. Having a picture can help police find your child if he or she get separated from you. Taking a picture on them in the regular clothes under their costume is also a good idea, in case they take the costume off.


Make Your Kids Easy to See

Daylights Saving Time ends after Halloween, but trick or treating still occurs during twilight and can go on into the night. No parent wants an accident because a driver didn’t see their child run in front of them. Light or brightly colored costumes make perfect toddler Halloween costume ideas.  Bright colors are ideal for kid’s fireman costumes, but they aren't always the best colors for all the little vampires and ninjas. In these instances, add reflective stickers and patches to costumes and give your children glow sticks to carry or wear. Reflective stickers might even look like sponsors on a toddler race car driver costume. Working reflectors and glow sticks into your baby’s stroller or stroller costume is also a good idea.


Keep a Good Flashlight Handy

This is good everyday advice, but it bears repeating for Halloween. Most smartphones have a flashlight function that are fine for finding dropped car keys or costume fasteners. Sometimes you need more light. Luckily there are small LED flashlights that are powerful and comfortably fit in a pocket or purse. A real flashlight will not only make it easier for you to see what is out there, but it will also make it easier for you and your children to be seen.


Inspect the Candy


The old urban legend about needles in candy bars and razor blades slid into apples is largely just that – a legend. That doesn’t mean that parents shouldn't give the trick or treat goods the once over. Toss out anything that is out of the wrapper or has a tear in it. Also, make sure the candy isn't out of date. We all know that one old timer who buys in bulk and hands out candy from the same batch for a decade.


As long as you are prepared, the night should go off without a hitch.  Just remember, be careful, but also have fun.Trick Or treat safety tips

13 Best Baby Halloween Costumes 2017

13 Best Baby Halloween Costumes 2017

Halloween has always been about parents using trick-or-treating as an excuse to steal and eat their children's candy while they are at school.  Parents have even come up with new games like the Switch Witch to get their hands on the goods. Sure, they will get a few nibbles and pieces during breakfast, but that is a sugar crash the teachers get to deal with.

Endearing baby girl Halloween costumes and charming baby boy Halloween costumes and are perfect for parents with a sweet tooth because they don’t understand just how much candy you are stealing from them. The trick is going the extra mile to really look the part.

To do so, you have to sell the con with the right baby girl Halloween costume idea or baby boy Halloween costume ideas. The random strangers and neighbors know you bring your baby trick-or-treating to get candy for yourself. Luckily, no one wants to say no to a cute toddler princess costume.

But they will save the best candy for the kids with the best baby costume ideas, and hand out the Mallow Cups to the kids whose parents skipped the trying part.

Halloween is a performance, so know your audience. Some costumes will work better with some houses than others. It isn’t only having a cute kid. It’s about knowing how to decide between kids’ fireman costume or a race car driver Halloween costume. It’s having a cute kid that will press all the right buttons on the person handing out the candy.

Traditional Costumes

Traditional costumes are great if you are hitting up the houses of older folk. These are the costumes that they remember wearing as children and dressing up their kids up in. This doesn’t mean that the costumes themselves have to be old fashioned, but if you want the most candy from these old timers, keep it recognizable and classic, like these.

  1. Ghost
  2. Witch
  3. Goblin
  4. Frankenstein
  5. Dracula
  6. Princess


These are the old standbys that have been around for a long time but aren't as iconic as the ghosts, vampires, and witches. Many of these are great because they honor our brave men and women in uniform.

Working class neighborhoods are full of households who look up to these heroes and probably have family members who do these jobs. They will toss all your favorite candy into your kid’s bucket when they see your toddler dressed like one of these.

  1. Firefighter Costume
  2. Toddler Policeman Costume
  3. Nurse
  4. Soldier (G.I. Joe counts)
  5. Race Car Driver
  6. Baby Girl or Baby Boy (Old Timey with Giant Lolipop)
  7. Princess Costume for Toddlers

A New “Spin”

You don’t have to have a costume in the traditional sense for your little ones.  You can put a new “spin” on Halloween and dress up your stroller.   Image the delight when you wheel up with your little one dressed in toddler fireman costume complete with stroller firetruck.  Or, you can get really creative and accessorize that race car driver toddler costume with a stroller disguised as a racecar.

Take Aways

The bottom line is get creative and have fun with Halloween.  Your kids won’t always want to be silly and dress up.  Take advantage of it now, so you can black mail them with pictures when they’re teens dressing up for the prom.

Trunk or treat vs. Trick or Treat

Trunk or treat vs. Trick or Treat

Life has become more hectic and complicated over the last couple of decades. What we do for our kids during Halloween is a perfect example of this. Used to be, parents would walk their children around the neighborhood trick or treating, or if they lived in the boonies, drive them to a shopping mall or the suburbs. Not every family has this option now, so it’s a good thing that going house to house on the 31st isn’t the only way for our kids to get sweets. The two main options for modern Halloweeners is traditional trick or treating and trunk or treating. Which one is the best choice? Either one can be an excellent choice, and both have their pluses and minuses.

Trick or Treating

This is the most iconic of the Halloween traditions, outside of costumes. The roots of trick or treating go back over 2,000 years to ancient Celtic practices. It’s also a good way to get a little exercise in, that will immediately be negated by all that candy. There is just something that feels right about going the traditional route. It can also keep things more centered on the family and close friends since the groups out trick or treating are self-contained.

Trick or treating does have its drawbacks. One is safety. Children running around a neighborhood at twilight asking for candy can cause problems. It isn’t truly dangerous, but all it takes is a kid excited about their next piece of candy running out into traffic to become a tragedy. The other is that not everyone lives in a large neighborhood where their kids can have the full trick or treating experience where parents can show off their great baby girl costume ideas and baby boy costume ideas.

Trunk or Treating

This is a relatively new phenomenon and has gained popularity over the years. Trunk or Treating got its start with churches who felt that the pagan roots of the holiday were getting a little too much emphasis. It didn’t take long for other organizations and groups to pick up on trunk or treating. Now you have radio and TV stations, charitable organizations, fraternities & sororities, and civic groups all hosting trunk or treat events. Some even incorporate costume contests.

There are two enormous benefits to trunk or treating. One is convenience. Parents only have to take their kid to one place, get a ton of candy, and the night is done.  And since most of these take places in parking lots, pushing a stroller around is easy, and having the right costume on it could even net you more candy. The other benefit is that many trunk or treating events are held on nights beside Halloween. If a parent can't take their kids trick or treating on Halloween night, due to work, those toddler fireman and baby princess costumes won’t go to waste.

The worst thing about trunk or treating is that the experience can make people feel like being a bunch of sheep being herded. Some of the traditional fun and spontaneity are lost.

How Much are Amusement Park Stroller Rental Rates?

How Much are Amusement Park Stroller Rental Rates?


Did you know that a two-year-old's weight increases by one hundred pounds per hour, when you carry them around a theme park? Were you aware that a sudden inability to walk can strike any five-year-old at the furthest point away you are from where you parked? These simple things can make an already frustrating day at the line-siest place on frickin' Earth that much worse. There is a solution. With the right stroller, you can save yourself from needing a three-drink minimum from the hotel minibar.

A stroller can prevent a lot of this mess, and the amusement parks are more than willing to let you rent one. Renting might even sound like a sensible solution. You can travel lighter, and you don't have to worry about your stroller getting lost or damaged at the airport. After all, it's only a few dollars more. The college fund can take the hit. Don’t do it! Rental strollers are a horrible idea, plus you can never save too much.

For one, renting these strollers is expensive. Not insanely so, like theatre candy, but they aren’t cheap. How Much are Amusement Park Stroller Rental Rates? Here is a list of the more famous theme park destinations.

How much is a stroller at SeaWorld?

Single strollers start at $18

Double strollers start at $20.

How much is a stroller at Universal Hotel & Resorts?

Single $14.99

Double $24.99

You can accessorize these strollers with steering wheels and other add ons for an extra $3 a day

How much is a stroller at Disney Land?

$15 per day for one stroller

$25 per day for two strollers

How much is a stroller at Disney World?

Single $15 (daily) $13 (length of stay)

Double $31 (daily) $27 (length of stay)

Length of stay is where the stroller rental fee is pre-payed for that amount per day, for the length of the stay. i.e., prepay for a single on a three-day visit, and it would cost you $39.

How much is a stroller at Knott's Barry Farm?

$17/day with a $5 deposit

See. It isn’t cheap, especially if you are staying more than one day. Chances are you already have the best stroller for your needs.  If you are like most, it has more features than your minivan. Your kids are used to the stroller and feel comfortable in it. Why change?

One temptation every family going on vacation always has is traveling light. That’s what all the travel blogs tell us to do. After all, there has to be enough room to bring back all the souvenirs we get suckered into buying. A stroller is often on this hit list of items people think they can leave at home.

Every parent has had one of those days where it's raining like God is an emo kid, and the stroller refuses to fit right in the trunk or the back of the SUV. Who want’s that hassle on vacation? Let’s be honest though. That is our own frustration being taken out on an inanimate object that is more acceptable to slap around than our kids. If you leave your stroller at home, you’ll regret it. Don’t believe me? Think about this.

You Will Go More Places than One Theme Park

No road trip style vacation is complete without visits to smaller attractions along the way, or random stops at outlet malls along the interstate. That isn’t including the stops at the hotels where you will be much happier wheeling your kids around in a stroller than herding or carrying them. If you fly, you will still have to transport your children between flights and everywhere you stay. At the very least, you can strap them in the stroller and keep them there during the inevitable three-hour delay.

How Clean are Rental Strollers?

I have never seen a rental stroller get cleaned before. I’m sure they hose them down from time to time, but more often than not, these strollers get turned right back around and used by another family. How many times has your kid exploded a diaper, barfed, or otherwise turned your stroller into a rolling bio-weapon? The same has happened to every rental stroller at one time. If you rent a stroller, you are renting the boogers of every other kid who has used it.

Bottom line--pack your stroller and get exposed to germs on the rides instead.

5 Summer Crafts for Young Kids

summer crafts with kids

I love getting messy with kids. As a mom to 5, it’s easy to do all the time. From 19 to 4-year-old twins, all of my kids enjoy random craft projects I run across and will happily join in. It keeps them all busy and the activity itself builds our family bond.

Pinterest is my go-to place for kids activities. Because, let me be honest here, I’m not crafty at all. In fact, I only pick the things on Pinterest that I’m sure I won’t screw up. And I will not try to bake a masterpiece cake. That’s just not my skill set, and I own that.

6 Times Kids Are Gross

 nose picking kid

Kids are gross. Until you become a parent, you just cannot fathom the amount of absolutely disgusting things parents do to stop these gross children. How many times have you prompted your child to stop doing something… only to have them continue without a care in the world?

I mean really, you heard it as a kid and now you’re saying it yourself “get your finger out of your nose!” Then insert your big sigh or eye roll because you’ve already said this 1,842 times, and that’s just today!


From Couch to 5K to Surgery

woman running

As a retired champion smoker, I decided it was time that I began doing something to make amends to my lungs for years of mistreatment.  What better way than to begin running?  And what better way to teach the kids the importance of a healthy lifestyle then forcing them to come along?

No need to worry about cartilage damage in my knees—doctors and their high-priced education and years of schooling just tell you that so you keep coming back. They just get it all off of Wikipedia anyway. I was fine.


Stroller Costumes, The Beginning

Stroller Costumes

Stroller Costumes evolved from the inspiration of our founder’s children.  The father of two, Moshe Atkins knew that he wanted more than a cookie cutter lifestyle for his kids.  While most parents offer their children the world on a platter, Moshe wanted his kids to have the tools to think outside the box, to create a platter of their choice to hold the world they create.

A simple train of thought has guided Stroller Costumes from its inception up through its launch.  When we let our guards down, we can truly be ourselves, and that is when we give our children our best!