Trick or Treat Safety Tips

Trick or Treat Safety Tips

It is easy for the excitement of trick or treating to get the better of even us adults. We are having fun with our kids while vicariously reliving our childhood as they run from house to house getting more candy than we want them to have (which means we have to eat some of it while they are at school for their own good.) Enjoy the evening as much as you can, but don’t let safety fall by the wayside.


Check the Sex Offender Registry


This is the last thing a parent wants to think about, but it still needs to be done. Find out if any sex offenders live in the area you plan to trick or treat. Most states have laws that make it illegal for registered sex offenders to participate in Halloween activities, but that doesn’t mean the criminals will obey those laws. You will know what houses to avoid and can warn other parents who may not know. 


Take Pictures of Your Child


Most parents probably do this already because their kids look so cute in their princess or fireman costumes. There is another reason to do this. Having a picture can help police find your child if he or she get separated from you. Taking a picture on them in the regular clothes under their costume is also a good idea, in case they take the costume off.


Make Your Kids Easy to See

Daylights Saving Time ends after Halloween, but trick or treating still occurs during twilight and can go on into the night. No parent wants an accident because a driver didn’t see their child run in front of them. Light or brightly colored costumes make perfect toddler Halloween costume ideas.  Bright colors are ideal for kid’s fireman costumes, but they aren't always the best colors for all the little vampires and ninjas. In these instances, add reflective stickers and patches to costumes and give your children glow sticks to carry or wear. Reflective stickers might even look like sponsors on a toddler race car driver costume. Working reflectors and glow sticks into your baby’s stroller or stroller costume is also a good idea.


Keep a Good Flashlight Handy

This is good everyday advice, but it bears repeating for Halloween. Most smartphones have a flashlight function that are fine for finding dropped car keys or costume fasteners. Sometimes you need more light. Luckily there are small LED flashlights that are powerful and comfortably fit in a pocket or purse. A real flashlight will not only make it easier for you to see what is out there, but it will also make it easier for you and your children to be seen.


Inspect the Candy


The old urban legend about needles in candy bars and razor blades slid into apples is largely just that – a legend. That doesn’t mean that parents shouldn't give the trick or treat goods the once over. Toss out anything that is out of the wrapper or has a tear in it. Also, make sure the candy isn't out of date. We all know that one old timer who buys in bulk and hands out candy from the same batch for a decade.


As long as you are prepared, the night should go off without a hitch.  Just remember, be careful, but also have fun.Trick Or treat safety tips

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