Stroller Safety Tips & Techniques (or Something Like it)

Besides the straight-up answer of, "Because we love our kids and would hate for them to be hurt", there are a few reasons why stroller safety is important.

If you're like me and have a pre-toddler (is that the right term?) who won't stay strapped into his stroller without crying (unless we've clipped on his fire truck stroller costume) and then keeps doing his best to climb out of the stroller... well, you know how much of a pain it can be to have to keep an eye on them more than usual!

We go to a restaurant every Sunday morning for breakfast, just as a little treat before the work week begins, and have done since he was a whole week old. We know the staff by name and have had the same Bugaboo stroller since. Is it really a wonder, then, that he's started trying to "Houdini" his way out of it?

Why a good stroller is the best purchase a new parent can make

Getting the Bugaboo was one of the best decisions we made in the lead up to little bit being born. At a point, we were overwhelmed by the amount of choice that was only rivaled by the beer I'd had to give up. (Never again! ...unless we decide to do it again! Woo-hoo involuntary sobriety!)

Basically? We did a whole lot of reading.

Online blogs about, like, the best stroller safety tips and stroller safety at Disney World (even though we sooo aren't ready for Disney), mommy magazines about reflux and bad breaks; I even listened to my mom and my mother-in-law, despite the very real fact that stroller safety standards have come a long way in the last 30 years. Everyone had something to say about stroller safety. Our childless friends included!

Their hearts were in the right place when they were commenting on the logistics of stroller safety straps but it's not like stroller manufacturers make them the way they do because they don't know a thing about their own products.

Buying a good stroller that checks all your personal boxes can be such a blessing. We found ours early and it's why we use it now! The stroller safety straps are thick and padded; they couldn't cut a blade of grass or dig in. Little Bit can move around as much as he wants and then cry more because - ha! - mommy and daddy and the Bugaboo are keeping him from literally crawling his tiny baby butt to the ground!

Stroller safety tips (I've picked up from personal experiences)

In one of the new episodes of Roseanne, there's a joke where Dan says, "There are no books on parenting!" Obviously, there are but all the advice inside of them are "perfect scenario" types of advice that doesn't happen when you're a mom or dad. It kinda reminds me of cooking shows where they bring a perfectly browned turkey out of the oven come Thanksgiving. Ha, I say again. Just, ha.

Here are a couple basics I picked up from all 500 books that were given to me over the course of my pregnancy and a few little anecdotes of my own:

ALWAYS apply the breaks when stationary!

Lest ye be prepared to have a heart attack when you see the stroller move an inch, miles and miles away from any danger. It's good to have a stroller safety routine with this as one of the first. Getting "autopilot" about it can save y'all from a whole bunch of stress.

Don't hang your purse on the stroller!

Lest ye be prepared to trip over your purse strap and fall flat on your face in a society that will laugh at anyone who falls over, it's helpful to use the storage basket underneath the stroller and maybe a smaller basket for essentials. (This also means it won't tip which will also cause a heart attack.

Prepare for the rain or shine

Lest ye and your pumpkin be soaked to the bone and have to sit in the car in uncomfortably wet, matching leggings. Take your rain cover with you if there is any chance of rain. Staying inside is boring and fresh air is super good for mommy and baby, so if it rains, clip on the stroller rain cover. If it's sunny, clip on the shade. Clip on the police car stroller costume and voila, you guys are ready to go for a nice walk together.

Stroller safety is important, but it doesn't have to be stressful. Making your baby's stroller safe can be fun, which will make it way more fun for them than when they see you stressing all the time. And obviously, it helps a bunch when they can pretend they're in a fire truck.

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