Stroller Costumes, The Beginning

Stroller Costumes beginning

Stroller Costumes evolved from the inspiration of our founder’s children.  The father of two, Moshe Atkins knew that he wanted more than a cookie cutter lifestyle for his kids.  While most parents offer their children the world on a platter, Moshe wanted his kids to have the tools to think outside the box, to create a platter of their choice to hold the world they create.

A simple train of thought has guided Stroller Costumes from its inception up through its launch.  When we let our guards down, we can truly be ourselves, and that is when we give our children our best!  

To be straightforward, when you have fun with your kids, they grow and mature to a much greater degree!  If you need to put this into grown up perspective, let me introduce you to Google’s business plan.  You know, that multi billion dollar company that allows grown ups to take naps.  

Stroller Costumes has committed itself to making sure that products exist in the retail market beyond your basic See and Say and Leap Frog education tools for toddlers.  We believe that simple creativity and fun should exist in their world, and they should see that in their parents as well!

Why It’s Important to Monkey Around

We live in an uptight world full of schedules and deadlines! Kids as young as three are starting to play organized sports or are set on the path to be musical prodigies.  Gone are the days when fun and creative play took precedence and allowed kids to evolve into what they wanted to be.  

To complicate matters, technology has crippled individual thought and answers to puzzling questions today are delivered to kids’ devices quicker than Domino’s 30 minutes or less campaign.  It seems as though fun and creative play are disappearing from our children’s worlds, and something needs to be done to let them know that it’s OK to just have fun!  Simply put, it up to the parents of these millennial children to ensure that their creative brains are being fostered—computers can’t do everything!

How do you do that?  The first step is to unplug yourself and your kids and go outside and play!  That’s right, we just said it’s OK to disconnect yourself for a few minutes a day and just laugh.  No one is saying you need to uproot and move to Walnut Grove and to live like Little House on the Prairie.  However, unplugging and going to the park and getting imaginative will certainly help foster creativity!

If its a Fire men or a Police officer , engage with your child though imagination using a Stroller Costume on your stroller and your watch your child's imagination go!    

The bottom line is simple, when you take some time to monkey around and get down right impractical with your kids, it will teach them how fun it is to think outside the box!  When thinking becomes fun rather than a task, you are teaching your children that solving real world problems is a fun and inviting challenge.  Bottom line—you are teaching them how the world really works! 
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