My Husband and I Bonded Over Dump Trucks, But Wait, There's More...

My Husband and I Bonded Over Dump Trucks, But Wait, There's More...

Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, and Big Star are responsible for me and my hubby's love story. We like to say to people, "Oh, we met because of our affinity for dump trucks." That tends to confuse but we did, even if it wasn't because of actual dump trucks.

The way my now hubby and I connected was over a shared love of movies. It's so hard to make friends when you get older that we had both joined a meetup group aimed at people like us; people in bigger cities who had no friends to speak of outside of work. We found out through that group that we liked the same movies. Cheesy classics from the 80's, mostly, like 'Back to the Future' and 'Bill & Ted'. He was the only other person I had ever met that knew 'Flight of the Navigator'! 'Heathers' was our shared favorite, and it was in 'Heathers' that we shared a favorite character: Martha Dumptruck.

Needless to say, whenever I think about dump trucks as vehicles, I will always think of Martha and the way she brought my hubby and me together.

Martha Dumptruck

Martha Dumptruck, named as such because of her stature that resembles, well, a dump truck, is the neglected overweight student in high school. Part way through the movie she comes to the conclusion that she's better off not around anymore, and follows the recent wave in trying to do something bad. But because Martha Dumptruck is a dump truck and fails at everything, she happily doesn't succeed, and it's her failure (which is really a success) that allows Winona Ryder's character to realize that Christian Slater's way of life is not one she wants to be a part of.

It's a great movie which is now a stage show, and hubby is taking me to see it the second we can stop the grandmas fighting over where little bit will stay for the night. (We realize how lucky we are). Our first Halloween together, my hubby even dressed in a dump truck costume with 'Martha' as a license plate, so it's kind of a thing now for our family.

Including the little bit

Funny and cute YouTubes are another of our things we love as a family. If we can't watch our favorite movies with little bit then we'll find funny videos that have gone viral like cats in boxes. Our favorite - which seems to be our son's too - are the songs about dump trucks or police cars with videos of dump trucks or police cars for kids.

These are no Martha changing the ways and the shapes of a movie plot nor are they the hubby in his dump truck costume, but the kid loves them and so do we.

Here's an example of one of our favorites:

We could literally watch these vids forever and not get tired. We've memorized a couple of the songs already, and each time we hit the road to head to one of the grandma's, if we see some Ford dump trucks on a construction site or on the road, we'll sing about it. We've even started doing it with every vehicle we see, fire trucks included.

It's funny like that. Some families bond over Disney* and Mini Coopers, me and mine have 80's movies and dump trucks.

*Remember Colossus XXL from Pixar's Cars 2? Yep, dump truck. Maybe all families can bond over them if they try hard enough...

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