I Always Wanted a Princess Carriage to Carry Me Far, Far Away

I Always Wanted a Princess Carriage to Carry Me Far, Far Away

Dramatic as that may sound, I still dream of that princess carriage, some days. Drawn by four stunningly white pegasuses—is that the plural for pegasus?—with their hooves painted gold and sparkles in their manes and tails. I am also extremely jealous that the 24V Disney Princess carriage ride on exists when I am far, far too grown up for it and in a family of boys.


We're having a... boy!


When I was pregnant with my son, my husband was convinced we were having a girl. He got real cocky about it. I knew he'd have preferred a son—and loved the child regardless—but he also wouldn't have minded being right. I can't help the fact that I always am.


I am always right and I was right enough that my totally gender-specific dreams of dressing my little girl up in cute princess dresses and fairy outfits and painting each other's nails had to go right outta the window. As did the hope that she would grow up to want the princess carriage I had dreamed about oh-so-very-much.


This isn't to say I'd disapprove of my son wanting a princess carriage if he did. As I mentioned a couple weeks back when talking about police cars for kids, my son has a Barbie and he loves it. I wouldn't disapprove one bit!


It's just that if it was the 24V Disney Princess carriage ride-on that my child wanted, no matter their gender, I would have to let them down the hard way. Kids don't think about money and I wouldn't want to force upon my son how much his Star Wars light saber cost us last winter, but the 24V Disney Princess carriage ride on is almost $400-at Walmart, for cripes' sake!


May the Disney odds, like, ever be in our favor...?


The hubby says it's because it's rechargeable, to which I replied, "It damn well better be for that much money!" because whatever. Then, he asks me why I'm looking up princess carriages when our son is in the deep midwinter of his dump truck phase and we're teaching him about spaceships. I don't have an answer and he knows it, which means this time, HE is right.


I think he worried I was gonna surprise him with a pregnancy test announcement again. Surprise! Nope, it's more shocking. $400 is a lot of cash for a regular middle-class family like ours, so it's good there are other options that are more in our price range. Even if they aren't battery-operated. (It's not like Cinderella's Fairy Godmother-crafted pumpkin  princess carriage was, right?)


Needless to say, we are not pregnant (phew) and the hubby and the little bit are watching that Lego Batman movie for the 800th time. I'm pretty sure I am safe in predicting that instead of wanting a princess carriage, he's gonna make his daddy proud and want a Batmobile.


How does one make one of those out of a cardboard box?


Huh... I guess I'll let the hubby handle that one when the time comes. Or maybe I can kickstart my fire truck plan early.



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