How Much are Amusement Park Stroller Rental Rates?

How Much are Amusement Park Stroller Rental Rates?


Did you know that a two-year-old's weight increases by one hundred pounds per hour, when you carry them around a theme park? Were you aware that a sudden inability to walk can strike any five-year-old at the furthest point away you are from where you parked? These simple things can make an already frustrating day at the line-siest place on frickin' Earth that much worse. There is a solution. With the right stroller, you can save yourself from needing a three-drink minimum from the hotel minibar.

A stroller can prevent a lot of this mess, and the amusement parks are more than willing to let you rent one. Renting might even sound like a sensible solution. You can travel lighter, and you don't have to worry about your stroller getting lost or damaged at the airport. After all, it's only a few dollars more. The college fund can take the hit. Don’t do it! Rental strollers are a horrible idea, plus you can never save too much.

For one, renting these strollers is expensive. Not insanely so, like theatre candy, but they aren’t cheap. How Much are Amusement Park Stroller Rental Rates? Here is a list of the more famous theme park destinations.

How much is a stroller at SeaWorld?

Single strollers start at $18

Double strollers start at $20.

How much is a stroller at Universal Hotel & Resorts?

Single $14.99

Double $24.99

You can accessorize these strollers with steering wheels and other add ons for an extra $3 a day

How much is a stroller at Disney Land?

$15 per day for one stroller

$25 per day for two strollers

How much is a stroller at Disney World?

Single $15 (daily) $13 (length of stay)

Double $31 (daily) $27 (length of stay)

Length of stay is where the stroller rental fee is pre-payed for that amount per day, for the length of the stay. i.e., prepay for a single on a three-day visit, and it would cost you $39.

How much is a stroller at Knott's Barry Farm?

$17/day with a $5 deposit

See. It isn’t cheap, especially if you are staying more than one day. Chances are you already have the best stroller for your needs.  If you are like most, it has more features than your minivan. Your kids are used to the stroller and feel comfortable in it. Why change?

One temptation every family going on vacation always has is traveling light. That’s what all the travel blogs tell us to do. After all, there has to be enough room to bring back all the souvenirs we get suckered into buying. A stroller is often on this hit list of items people think they can leave at home.

Every parent has had one of those days where it's raining like God is an emo kid, and the stroller refuses to fit right in the trunk or the back of the SUV. Who want’s that hassle on vacation? Let’s be honest though. That is our own frustration being taken out on an inanimate object that is more acceptable to slap around than our kids. If you leave your stroller at home, you’ll regret it. Don’t believe me? Think about this.

You Will Go More Places than One Theme Park

No road trip style vacation is complete without visits to smaller attractions along the way, or random stops at outlet malls along the interstate. That isn’t including the stops at the hotels where you will be much happier wheeling your kids around in a stroller than herding or carrying them. If you fly, you will still have to transport your children between flights and everywhere you stay. At the very least, you can strap them in the stroller and keep them there during the inevitable three-hour delay.

How Clean are Rental Strollers?

I have never seen a rental stroller get cleaned before. I’m sure they hose them down from time to time, but more often than not, these strollers get turned right back around and used by another family. How many times has your kid exploded a diaper, barfed, or otherwise turned your stroller into a rolling bio-weapon? The same has happened to every rental stroller at one time. If you rent a stroller, you are renting the boogers of every other kid who has used it.

Bottom line--pack your stroller and get exposed to germs on the rides instead.

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