Have you seen the race cars for kids that are out there now?

Have you seen the race cars for kids that are out there now?

Race cars for kids come in all manners of shapes and sizes, there are even Star Wars ones now.

A couple weeks back, the husband showed me the commercial for the Star Wars land speeder by Radio Flyer. It wasn't long before we were both bemoaning how many cool toys there are out there for kids now. Both because we hadn't had them when we were younger and because, as parents, we'll be the targeted consumers in a few years. There's $500 out of our future pockets.

Race car toys have come a long way since the days of Matchbox and Hot Wheels (though it has to be said, the line of Star Wars hot wheels toys will also be a target of our future spending). Even the Barbie jeeps of yore look primitive in comparison to the race cars for kids that are available today. I would never have believed I would live to see the day.

What do adults have to hold over our kids now they can drive??

Parenting hasn't changed much. We love our kids and we'd do anything for them, but it's only natural to feel a little bummed with the fact that kids racing cars these days are much more fun looking than our suburbian station wagons.

We want the best for our kids, too, so we do want them to have the best race cars for kids that are out there on the market, even if we are envious that we ourselves never had these choices. (My first 'car' was a budget chaise longue from Mervyn's). But even though we want it for them, that doesn't mean we can't be a tad bit put out that our sons and daughters are going to get to play with these cool race cars for kids and we're not.

We are but human! Humans who are going to have to buy this stuff soon. We need to let ourselves have these feelings.

Race cars for kids are race cars for their parents

Like with the Luke Skywalker land speeder, there are tons of race cars for kids out there that look so fun adults should be able to play with them too. I got this from the husband whose response to the said land speeder, "If we get him one when he's older, I'm gonna have to try it out for science."

If science means fun, sure. The two can be interchangeable. We're adults. We get to make the rules still, even if the kids racing car toys that they can drive around the place are better than our actual vehicles. We still have more than a decade to make those rules before the teen years of door slams and 2030's version of Skrillex is blasting out of a floating speaker.

Source: Us, the parents

And if we get to make the rules, one of those rules can be we get to squeeze ourselves into these race cars for kids as much as we want. Because, goddamnit, we don't need a license to have fun!

So maybe we can't hold the fact we can drive real cars over them. Or that we can use our own smartphones when we all know our babies of today are gonna be teaching us how to download apps by the time they're three. (I hope they're racing games). What we can do, is play with the toys ourselves.

For, uh, you know, our children. So they can learn how to play with their race cars. Even if the hubby is totally gonna have a hard time fitting his butt into that land speeder.

In the meantime, thank God for Stroller Costumes!

Why should our kids have to wait until they can drive land speeders? Meet Jett the red race car stroller costume and his twin sister, Jeanette the pink race car stroller costume.

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What are you waiting for? Race, don't walk!

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