Halloween Parades and Charity Walks

Halloween Parades and Charity Walks

The ever-growing popularity of Halloween means that, just like Christmas, more and more events centered around the holiday are cropping up. Many of these occur before the 31st itself, and it isn't just observing trick or treating on the final Saturday of the month so that it doesn't fall on a school night. There are parades, and Halloween themed charity walks that go on every year. Most of these events are all ages events that tend to become mini fall festivals with traditional activities of the season like bobbing for apples and costume contests happening before and after the main event. It is a fun thing to do with young kids.

Getting your children ready for these activities depends on their age. Young children and toddlers running around in their fireman costumes or racecar driver costumes will be happy doing whatever activities that are scheduled before the parade or walk starts. Younger children (two and under) and infants would do best in a stroller since it will help keep them warm and out from underfoot. That doesn’t mean that they will miss out on the fun though. Since your daughter is already wearing a baby princess costume, shouldn’t her stroller match?

kids in costumes

Keeping a stroller handy is a good idea for toddlers already walking most of the time too. As much fun as your little one has running around in their policeman costume bouncing from place to place; you can be confident that they will eventually run out of energy. While a little impromptu cuddle time is enjoyable, carrying them from one end of Main Street to the other can be murder on the back and heavy on the arms. Even if the youngins don’t tire out, a stroller makes carrying around the diaper bag, bottled water, snacks, and candy easier.

Decorating your child’s stroller with a costume is as important as them wearing one, or yourself for that matter. The good news is that decorating doesn’t have to become a hot mess of drama and crafting nightmare to work. Sure, all these elaborate stroller getups seen on Pinterest and shared on Facebook look great, but it takes people who know what they are doing spending hours on end on something that they will only ever be used once. Plus, these crafted little stroller getups either tend to be heavy or fragile. Neither is what you want when wrangling a bunch of toddlers on a sugar high. The other benefit of a purchased stroller costume is the ease of use. Slip it on the stroller, and you are ready to go.

It’s easier than you might think to find a stroller costume that looks like a match for your child’s costume, such as a carriage for your little princess or as a racecar or firetruck for your little speedster or firefighter. Purchased stroller costumes are an economical alternative to going the DIY route both regarding time and money. Professionally made stroller costumes that you buy can also be used year round, and they can be passed along to friends and family who have their own little ones someday.

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