13 Best Baby Halloween Costumes 2017

13 Best Baby Halloween Costumes 2017

Halloween has always been about parents using trick-or-treating as an excuse to steal and eat their children's candy while they are at school.  Parents have even come up with new games like the Switch Witch to get their hands on the goods. Sure, they will get a few nibbles and pieces during breakfast, but that is a sugar crash the teachers get to deal with.

Endearing baby girl Halloween costumes and charming baby boy Halloween costumes and are perfect for parents with a sweet tooth because they don’t understand just how much candy you are stealing from them. The trick is going the extra mile to really look the part.

To do so, you have to sell the con with the right baby girl Halloween costume idea or baby boy Halloween costume ideas. The random strangers and neighbors know you bring your baby trick-or-treating to get candy for yourself. Luckily, no one wants to say no to a cute toddler princess costume.

But they will save the best candy for the kids with the best baby costume ideas, and hand out the Mallow Cups to the kids whose parents skipped the trying part.

Halloween is a performance, so know your audience. Some costumes will work better with some houses than others. It isn’t only having a cute kid. It’s about knowing how to decide between kids’ fireman costume or a race car driver Halloween costume. It’s having a cute kid that will press all the right buttons on the person handing out the candy.

Traditional Costumes

Traditional costumes are great if you are hitting up the houses of older folk. These are the costumes that they remember wearing as children and dressing up their kids up in. This doesn’t mean that the costumes themselves have to be old fashioned, but if you want the most candy from these old timers, keep it recognizable and classic, like these.

  1. Ghost
  2. Witch
  3. Goblin
  4. Frankenstein
  5. Dracula
  6. Princess


These are the old standbys that have been around for a long time but aren't as iconic as the ghosts, vampires, and witches. Many of these are great because they honor our brave men and women in uniform.

Working class neighborhoods are full of households who look up to these heroes and probably have family members who do these jobs. They will toss all your favorite candy into your kid’s bucket when they see your toddler dressed like one of these.

  1. Firefighter Costume
  2. Toddler Policeman Costume
  3. Nurse
  4. Soldier (G.I. Joe counts)
  5. Race Car Driver
  6. Baby Girl or Baby Boy (Old Timey with Giant Lolipop)
  7. Princess Costume for Toddlers

A New “Spin”

You don’t have to have a costume in the traditional sense for your little ones.  You can put a new “spin” on Halloween and dress up your stroller.   Image the delight when you wheel up with your little one dressed in toddler fireman costume complete with stroller firetruck.  Or, you can get really creative and accessorize that race car driver toddler costume with a stroller disguised as a racecar.

Take Aways

The bottom line is get creative and have fun with Halloween.  Your kids won’t always want to be silly and dress up.  Take advantage of it now, so you can black mail them with pictures when they’re teens dressing up for the prom.
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