10 Halloween Hacks

10 Halloween Hacks

There is almost an endless stream of ideas for things to make and do to help usher in the Halloween spirit. Most of these are simple craft projects that can help someone stay under budget.

Decorating hacks can help you save money that can be better spent elsewhere. When you have kids, Halloween should be about more candy, creative family costumes, and even stroller costumes to tie those family together themed outfits together.

If you can save a few bucks on the decorations, you can go all out on the costumes.

Milk Jug Ghosts

Most families tend to go through gallons and gallons of milk per week, so there should be plenty of empty jugs laying around. Use a black sharpie to draw a spooky face on them, and cut a small hole in the back.

Next, use a string of clear Christmas lights, or colored Halloween lights, and insert them into the hole you cut.

Formal Dinner Dracula

Remember those cheap, plastic vampire teeth that used to destroy our mouths as kids. Grab a bunch of these, and place them on the plate, or near it. On the plate gives the best effect though.

Next, roll up a napkin, and put it in the teeth, and now you have a festive Halloween napkin holder.

Now you have ice with spiders in them.

Just make sure the kids don't choke and make sure adults don't have a heart attack.

Mummy Juice

Kids love their juice boxes, now make them terrified of the things. Not really, but you can Halloween them up real easy.

Wrap them in white tape, add a couple of googly eyes, and now your sugary, but marketed as healthy, drink is an Egyptian undead.

Arachnophobia Ice

This is a super easy one.

Get a bag of cheap, plastic spiders. Place them in ice cube trays, and let them freeze. Now you have ice with spiders in them.

Just make sure the kids don't choke and make sure adults don't have a heart attack.

Handy Candy

This is great if you have a lot of candy to give to a small number of children. Fill a surgical glove with candy, and “hand” it out.

Weird Eyes

Keep those old toilet paper rolls, but don’t let anyone know you’re doing it. Cut out eye shapes on them, and place a glow stick in it.

Now, place those crazy glowing eyes in bushes, outside of windows, or in the back of the car in a way they will be staring back at the surprised driver in the rearview mirror.

They’re loads of fun.

Blood Stained Towels

The towel will be done for, but putting fake blood/bloody handprints on a white towel can make for a spooky decoration. Bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom. It's all scary here.

Freaky Legs

This is a good one if you want to lose at least one friend this October. Take a pack of those cheap plastic bugs (rubber roaches and spiders work best) and attach them to your pantyhose or stockings. Guaranteed to make someone lose it, especially if you're pushing around a kid in a stroller.

Candles & Candy Corn

Need something festive that will make your laziness look like creative brilliance? Do this.

Take some black candles (one huge one or three of the medium standalone kinds) and place them in a bed of candy corn.

Getting the good stuff costs a pretty penny, and the scariest thing in October shouldn't be your bank balance.

Luckily, there are a ton of good Halloween hacks that mostly use the material you would have probably thrown out anyway. If not, you can snag these cheap supplies from The Dollar Tree.

Happy scaring!

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